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Tomorrow we will do beautiful things.

Antoni Gaudi

6 Nights

October 19th - 25th 2019


Pierced by the multiple spires of the Sagrada Familia church, the Jean Nouvel’s Agbar Tower and the “folly” of Frank Gehry’s Fish, Barcelona’s skyline sends the message that it is a city with a strong and innovative design personality. The perfect blend of the old and the new makes the city breathtakingly beautiful.

Occupying the space between craft and art, contemporary jewelry is challenging perceptions of what is commonly thought of as adornment for the body. Think of it as the new frontier; unexplored terrain that will push the wearer to step outside of her comfort zone.

Over the course of a week, we are exploring the interconnected worlds of contemporary jewelry and architecture in Barcelona. The stunning cityscape will act as the backdrop as we peek behind-the-scenes to discover what informs the creative process of the artists. Much like contemporary architecture, this artful jewelry challenges it all, be it through the medium used, the shapes created, or the positioning on the body.

Imagine unearthing a different side of this well-trodden city, experiencing it not only as locals, but as in-the-know citizens who wish to experience it — and its jewelry — through a dynamic new lens.


The day unfolds in three temps-forts: Daily Feature, Let’s Do It All and After Dusk.

Daily Feature This is the heart of each day when we enjoy our bespoke exclusive activities, usually starting around 10:00am and ending at 3:00pm. Our special access activities are a mix of historical, arts, fashion, jewelry moments.

Let’s Do It All For those eager to take it all in and experience more of Barcelona; an optional mid-afternoon to pre-dinner itinerary of studios visits, avant-garde collections, jewelry galleries tour, pop-ups, etc.

After Dusk The details of our evening plans are shared with the guests closer to the time in order to tailor it specifically to the group’s interests.

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