The Great Jewellery Heist

commissionned piece korinna azreiq (2).jpg

On November 1, Sinai Health will be presenting the 9th Great Jewellery Heist, a ladies lunch at the Ritz Hotel + jewellery auction in support of Bridgepoint Active Healthcare. I am deeply honored to be chairing this exceptional event celebrating the unique alliance of healthcare and jewellery.

The magic of the Heist really is in listening to the extraordinary stories of the Bridgepoint patients and discovering how the the innovation, passion and dedication of the medical teams transform lives. It is a unique opportunity to understand how art and craftsmanship play a fundamental role in the wellbeing of our community.

With the help of a great team, I have curated a jewelry collection of over 50 pieces from Canadian artists and donors. My purpose was to connect two communities that are essential to the well being of our city — arts and wellness. We also commissioned three pieces from artists Ezra Satok-Wolman, Lina Maria Avendano and Korinna Azreiq. Each piece represents the artist interpretation of health and wellness.

When we wear, own, and look at or surround ourselves with beautiful things — be it jewelry, visual art or an embellished utilitarian object — our mood is lifted, our mind is strong and our body heals better and faster. The architects of  Bridgepoint Hospital understood that connection well: at every corner there is thoughtful design — from the orientation of the windows to the roof garden — contributing to the healing of the patients.

Do not despair if you cannot attend the lunch on November 1 — the jewelry collection will be online from October 16th on the event’s website. You will be able to Bid Your Heart Out! Gentlemen, Christmas is really around the corner so for once do your shopping early and support a great Canadian institution.