Heather Hogarth's Practical Glam

I must confess that although I have lived in Toronto for 12 years, I had never been to Oakville. And my first trip there to meet Heather Hogarth was during a raging snow storm which made me question my own sanity. But I’m glad I persevered — Heather is the nicest, most welcoming person and her jewelry is fab.

Her design studio is in her house overlooking Lake Ontario which, I suspect, is a great source of inspiration. For a start, her jewelry shines just like the water. But not too much. Just enough to say, “I’m precious and you should check me out.”

The interior is calm and extraordinarily organised — there is not one thing out of place. Remarkable for a busy family home. Pops of vivid fuschia and green and blues, are dotted around, making it welcoming and warm. You see, Heather loves color - and she likes having fun as much as she likes being organised and practical. An interesting mix.

An interior designer for many years, she converted to jewelry only 3 years ago, earning her full GIA qualification. She designs the collections on paper and collaborates with an old-school maker in Burlington to make it come to life. She does not sell online but invites you to visit her home for a private consultation. Occasionally she does pop ups but always in surprising venues (check her website for upcoming events).

On the practical side the jewelry is light, clean cut, elegantly understated and perfect for travelling, going from day to evening, giving a little oomph to a casual outfit or putting the final glamour touch to your LBD.

On the fun side, pieces can morph through clever design, be personalised to your liking or be totally bespoke. There is an astonishing ring that flips from white diamonds to black diamonds through an accordion-style mechanism. Studs convert either into chandelier earrings or larger studs, necklaces are chokers or lariats — all very playful. But make no mistake, the stones are of first grade, the workmanship of excellence and the service first class. My kind of place.

Although I approached Heather to write this blog, she agreed to extend a little gift to the Rue Pigalle readers who purchase a piece from her. Call or email her and let her know we are friends.