Liberty London Fashion Expo

We’re all victims to the Liberty London effect. When in Regent Street, how can we resist the Tudor architecture and dazzling shop windows that seem to be cut out from a postcard?


We go inside, promising not to buy anything, but then… there’s a liberty floral water bottle which is totally worth the £50.  Oh and did you see their new patterned scarves for Autumn 2018? I didn’t know Gucci had a liberty watch design…. *sigh*


We go inside promising not to buy anything, but then…

There’s something irresistible about the iconic brand, so when the Liberty London Fashion Exhibition opens up in Edinburgh, I’m the first one in line.


Liberty London Fashion Exhibition, Edinburgh 2018

I wander round the rooms, marvelling at the textiles. Yet for such an iconic and historical brand, there’s something about the exhibition that runs a little dry. Maybe it’s the lightening, or the minimal explanation about the craftsmanship story behind it.


It gets me thinking, what is it about Liberty that we love?


Is it its reputable brand? Unlike fast fashion, Liberty has persisted to be a go-to brand. Milennials trust in its quality and design, as much as their grandmothers did before them. Even Oscar Wilde frequently shopped at Liberty and famously quoted, ‘Liberty is the chosen resort of the artistic shopper’.


Liberty is the chosen resort of the artistic shopper.

– Oscar Wilde

Is it the subtle trendiness?

It may seem that Liberty plays it safe, by focussing on its traditional designs. However, every year Liberty seeks out young artists and designers to collaborate with them using the hashtag #LibertyOpenCall


The brand is constantly on the lookout for fresh generations ideas on new jewellery and clothing designs.

Is it British-ness? Since 1875, Liberty has achieved it’s aim as being recognisably British, in particularly its jewellery department. According to the Financial Times, while tourists from all over the globe are busy wandering on all floors, it’s mostly the London locals who recurrently come to buy themselves a gem. Not only that, but it’s British designers that are carefully selected to showcase their art.

We’re looking at statement pieces by British designers Dinny Hall, Alexander McQueen and Alex Munroe.

In short, I learn that Liberty is a deeply rooted tree that has outlasted all fashion storms and will continue to do so. It’s trick? Liberty’s tradition is ironically sustainable. It’s conventional, it’s iconic, it’s quintessentially British, and it works.

Liberty London Window Displays 1960s

Liberty London Window Displays 1960s

Liberty London Window Displays now

Liberty London Window Displays now

Out of ideas for Christmas gifts? The Liberty London Jewellery store is as understated or bold as you like.


Article by Claudia Esnouf

With a multi-cultural upbringing and a love for travel, Claudia scours galleries and art exhibits in Scotland and the UK in search of surprising jewellery and art. Her style influencers are the Duchess of Cambridge, Blair Waldorf and her Mum.

Image Credits: Swell, Craft Scotland, Dovecot Studios, Liberty Instagram, Liberty website.