Join me for Jewelry & Architecture in Barcelona


If Barcelona in the Fall sounds like a good idea, you are going to love the itinerary I have put together for you.

I listened to you and changed the dates to October 19th to 25th. The Jewish holidays and Thanksgiving will be behind us, leaving our minds free to enjoy the gloriousness of Barcelona.

I was blown away by the city on my research trip: it’s gorgeous and so alive. The exceptional food (17 Michelin star restaurants), vibrant street life and ubiquitous art keep you wanting more. The city’s centuries-old history is ever-present and what could have been an architectural hodge-podge is more like a treasure hunt.

A confidential city too, with a lot happening behind grand doors opening onto private gardens, hidden cafes, galleries… I even found a brand new private jewelry museum in a fortress (and it has a Michelin star restaurant!).

Jewelry artist and professor Paul McClure will be travelling with us. He has a wicked sense of humour so expect a fun-filled yet enriching trip (this is not a boring academic trip, trust me). Paul studied and worked in Barcelona for several years so he knows everyone who matters in the world of jewelry.

You might wonder what it's like to travel with 10 women? If you are a solo traveller you will enjoy the small size of the group (7 to 10 guests). If not, bring a travel companion and create great memories together. On past trips we’ve had girlfriends and mother-daughter teams travelling together. We all noticed the rich layer of love it added to everyone's experience.


And what does a day on a trip look like? Each day comes with a core activity that generally takes us from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. You then have the option to enjoy a few hours at leisure, or join me for an optional visit, walk, discovery. I like to keep some flexibility in our days so that we can jump on a last-minute opportunity: in cities like Paris, London or Barcelona, there is so much happening all the time that it’s impossible to plan it all in advance. For example, next week in London, we will be meeting with the granddaughter of Faberge — an opportunity that only came up a couple of days ago.

If you have more questions about the trips, don’t hesitate to email me. I would also be delighted to connect you with past guests who can share their experience with you and answer your questions.

I am looking forward to travelling with you soon.