Paris + Provence: When Nature Inspires Art

Where to begin to share the energy, fun and friendship we just experienced on our recent Paris + Provence trip? Maybe we start with the colours — everywhere we went, everything we did was gorged with colours, and our intimate group seemed to feed off it in the most delightful ways.

“Inspired by Nature” was our trip’s theme. We went back and forth from intimate artists ateliers to vast wheat fields, structured cityscapes to glistening sea shore, meeting an incredible variety of artists who draw their inspiration, strength and energy from nature.

RuePigalle_Blog_ParisProvence_Travel_BestOf_JewelryTrip_beau regard.JPEG

The stones at van Cleef & Arpels’ gemology class, the prints of Margareth et Moi’s collections, the brushed metals of Catherine Legal’s jewelry, the artistically platted miniatures at Guy Savoy, the towering trees and cascading fountains of Versailles, the lapis blue of the Mediterranean framing the black concrete lace of the MUCEM museum, the gouache on our painters’ palette, the chiaroscuro of Paris’ rooftops, the gold coins at La Monnaie de Paris - all seem to lift us off our feet in a whirlwind of beauty, fantasy and wonderment. Nature was omnipresent in colours and forms, materials and functions.

I have discovered that each trip has its own “flavour”, influenced by the guests, location, activities — warmth and humour are the best adjectives to describe the chemistry of our little gang. Some had travelled with me before, others were newbies but they were all friends by the end of the week. It was just wonderful.

RuePigalle_Blog_ParisProvence_Travel_BestOf_JewelryTrip_van cleef stone.JPEG
RuePigalle_Blog_ParisProvence_Travel_BestOf_JewelryTrip_salmon brooch.jpg
RuePigalle_Blog_ParisProvence_Travel_BestOf_JewelryTrip_paris roof top.JPEG
RuePigalle_Blog_ParisProvence_Travel_BestOf_JewelryTrip_margareth et moi.jpg

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