From Brooklyn to Uptown: Top Hits for NYC Jewelry Week

NYC JW newspaper.jpg

The program for NYC Jewelry Week 2019 is constantly evolving — just like Rue Pigalle's November itinerary. Expect more spectacular events to be added to our New York adventure every week.


47th Street aka “The Diamond District” Forget the gaudy shop windows overflowing with rows and rows of velour-covered display necks dripping with flashy, garish jewelry. We are going behind the scenes, ladies, behind the doors that jealously (and securely) guard the best pieces for the connoisseurs. We are going into the inner sanctum of fine jewelry to meet artists such as Alex Sepkus, whose mosaic-inspired work is so fine and detailed that he and his team require microscopes to execute it.

the whitby tearoom.jpg

Tea at the Whitby The Glamour!  No one does it better than the Whitby — a jewel-like tea room, the perfect interlude to an afternoon of art and beauty.


Morgan Library Libraries are always on my travel itinerary. Their inner calm seems to enter our soul and forces us to slow down and be present in the moment. The Morgan Library’s breathtakingly vaulted ceilings and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves invite contemplation. Can you imagine experiencing a piano concert surrounded by such beauty?


Pierre Cardin at the Brooklyn Museum Raise your hand if you have kept your Pierre Cardin collection! I can’t wait to see the exhibit of his work at the magnificent Brooklyn Museum — space aged avant-garde, geometric shapes. At 97, he is still looking towards the future.


Brooklyn Brooklyn is where the cool people of NY hang out. It somehow manages to have that artistic, nonchalant Paris vibe. Some of my favourites studios? Brooklyn Metal Works (Mia Habib is a fab designer there), Mark Davis (vintage Bakelite anyone?), and Hanna Sandin jewelry & sculpture. And let’s not forget the treasure trove that is Monica Castiglioni’s boutique.

carlyle hotel bar.jpg

After Dusk Can’t end the day without a cocktail at the Carlyle and dinner at Eleven Madison Park.

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