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That’s An Art Form In Itself


Rue Pigalle takes intimate women-only groups behind the scenes and beyond the clichés, to discover the secrets of glorious art craftsmanship. We dive into the culture that nurtures, shapes and molds a city and its artists. The places we go aren’t generally accessible, but we have the relationships to unlock these rare and special experiences.    


New York City

NEW YORK cITY jewelry week
November 18th–22ND 2019

New York City is a dream come true for the jewelry fanatic. From the glossy environs of the original Tiffany’s, to the storied diamond landscape of 47th Street, to living legend Iris Apfel, jewelry is part of what makes the city tick.



London & Somerset

made by hand
April 30th–May 3rd 2020
Extra: Somerset
May 3rd–6th 2020

An exploration of fine crafts through the ateliers and studios of contemporary artists, guardians of century old techniques adapted to the gout du jour trends and fashion.



London & Paris

Goldsmiths’ Fair + Parcours Bijoux
october 1st–8th 2020

This double-bill trip is for the true jewelry fiend. After taking in the magnificence of Goldsmiths’ Fair and London jewelry studios, we will explore Paris “Parcours Bijoux”, an exploration of contemporary jewelry exhibits, makers and happenings. Select either one of the cities, or both.



January 23rd – February 4th 2021

India is a place unlike any other we know. A country that has captured our imagination with its diversity, creativity, beauty and sheer will-power. On the “Colours of India” trip, we explore the country’s north, visiting big urban centers, historical cities and remote villages. Underscoring our journey will be the idea of fine craftsmanship and the context in which it operates.